We are Elanco

An enterprise of purpose-driven people, we believe healthy animals are key to solving some of the world's most pressing issues.

Our Promise

Our Promise: We will rigorously innovate to benefit our customers and improve the health of animals.

For our customers, we promise to be your advocate and continually earn your trust, improving the health of animals, and creating value through innovative products, expertise and service.

We find ways to add value with every customer engagement, addressing what matters most, and constantly raising the bar. That's how we earn trust. We must never feel this promise is achieved.

What We Do

At Elanco, we provide those who raise and care for animals with the products and services that empower them to address global challenges.

Products sold in 90 countries
200 brands
Top 4 in all major markets
~9,000 employees
More than 855 global volunteer projects since 2014
Since 2014, in both cause-related projects and disaster relief efforts

At Elanco, we relentlessly focus on customers and ensuring our work adds value to society. We're committed to improve the health of animals, people, and the planet.

Elanco's Healthy Purpose™/ESG

Elanco's Perspective

At Elanco, we believe healthier animals are central to addresses global issues like food security and nutrition, mental health and social isolation, and environmental sustainability. It all starts with healthier animals.

Healthier Animals

Helping pets and farm animals live healthy, quality lives by continuously identifying new and innovative animal care products and practices, while sharing our expertise.

Healthier People

Improving people's health, lives and livelihoods by promoting animal companionship and sustainable production of meat, milk, fish and eggs.

Healthier Planet

Conserving natural resources by leveraging innovations and technological advances that will help our stakeholders meet growing demand for more food, while making ourselves responsible stewards of our environment.

Healthier Enterprise

Managing our own environmental footprint and governing our business with the highest ethical standards while creating an environment where all employees feel safe, respected, empowered and invested in making a difference to society.

We combine our purpose-driven world view with decades of scientific innovation to advance the health of animals in collaboration with those who love and raise them.

Elanco's Healthy Purpose™/ESG

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